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To use the app you need access to the Android Market Web site and a Google account. Once the app is downloaded over the Web, an e-mail arrives in the associated Gmail account telling you the app is locating the phone, followed by another e-mail with a Google Map showing where the phone is. Plan B will send follow-up e-mails for the next 10 minutes with updates on the whereabouts of the device.

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The price of a replacement isn't the only cost of a lost or stolen mobile device. Locate. Your phone can run, but it can't hide. Find your lost phone's location on. Lookout Mobile Security:: Mobile AntiVirus, Free Mobile Security for your smartphone.

If you aren't able to find the phone within the first 10 minutes, you can use a different phone to text the word "locate" to your missing phone to start the process over. I downloaded the app and it was close to finding my phone's location, but it guessed that the phone was at a shop that's just around the corner from where the phone was located on my office desk.

The final e-mail pinpointing the location I received five of them indicated it had located the device within 24 meters, or about 79 feet, which seems fairly accurate. The service is available only in the U. Plan B will not work if the phone is turned off, has no SIM card, or has no network connection.

To test, call the phone and count the rings. If it rings once and goes right to voice mail, your phone is off. The app, available here , is the first release from Lookout Labs, which was created "to explore and test out new ideas that push the boundaries of mobile," the company said.

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More information is on the Lookout Blog. Both apps are available for free, and you can use either of the maps to track your location. Lost has become a thing of the past unless you are in the area with no cell signal.

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Reveal secrets immediately! With it, you can easily stay connected in real time to your friends or find a lost device.

Lookout is an all-in-one phone security solution, and device tracking is just one of its many features. If your device currently lacks a good antivirus app, you might as well use this and get the phone tracking as the bonus. Prey is advertised as an anti-theft app, and it is available across multiple platforms, including Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS.

Plan B – Locating your phone AFTER it’s lost or stolen (Free)

By installing this app on your devices, you can track your them from anywhere. It's a multi-platform app. The free account can hold up to 3 devices and store a maximum of 20 reports. The Familonet app is mainly used for tracking family members and sometimes your friends. You can install it on the secondary devices, and track them using your main device.

The app can also notify other members of the family when one member is arrived or leaving one location. If you are a parent and you often worried that your children could be victims of crime, you might want to track your child's whereabouts for their safety. Children Tracker is a fine tracking solution to have. The Where's My Droid app is available in free and paid version.

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In the free version, you can: locate the device, ring the device, set a passcode, and send an alert when the SIM is changed. You'll also notice small banner ads along the bottom. You can get rid of the ads and add a few more features like taking photos, locking and wiping the device, and hiding the app icon if you upgrade to the Pro version.

Lookout Finding your lost phone with Locate and Scream

If you are in the iOS environment, there are two apps that you can use to track other iDevices. You need to log in using the same Apple ID on all devices. The second one is Find My Friends.

esportsify.net/travel-journal-notebook-diary.php While it's similar to the first one, this one is intended to track other iDevices that you don't own. Another variation of similar apps is delivery tracking apps. Most major delivery service providers like FedEx and UPS provide users with their app along with the packages tracking feature.

New Lookout App Finds Your Phone Even When Battery Is Dead

The apps track both the packages and the delivery person's device so users can know the whereabouts of their packages almost in real time. Looking at how easy it is to install a GPS phone tracker app, you can't help but think that maybe there's one installed on your phone without you knowing. The easiest way to remove any spy apps is to restore your phone.

If you are an iPhone user, you can do so easily using iTunes. Don't forget to backup your iPhone before restoring it so that you won't lose any important data.